#7 (20.02.-24.02.2023)

Increased activity on the commodities market, both on the supply and the demand side, influenced growth of quantitative and financial turnover, as well as the upward price trend. In the previous week, a total of 4.340 tons were traded, the financial values of which reaches 1.229.666,23 €, which is a growth of 152,4% compared to the previous week. When it comes to soybeans, there is still no trading on the market.

From the beginning of the week, there was noticeably increased demand for corn, which resulted in increased prices. Sellers held back until mid-week when there was bigger offer on this market. Corn was traded in a price range from 238,63 €/t up to 255,67 €/t. The weighted price is 247,40 €/t, which is a 4,2% increase compared to the week before.

On the wheat market, like on the corn market as well, there is a positive price trend. This commodity recorded an increase in price of 4,6% compared to the previous week. Greater interest from buyers and restraint from sellers at the beginning of the week resulted in higher price levels. As the week went bye, the offers of larger quantities were recorded on this market. Wheat was traded in price range from 250,56 €/t to 259,93 €/t, depending on quality parameters. The weighted price for this week is 253,11 €/t. Unlike the previous year, when in this period of the year the first forward contract for the wheat was already concluded, forward trading of the new crop of the wheat is currently absent from the market.

When it comes to the soybean market, there is almost complete absence of supply and demand. From the beginning of the month, this oilseed is absent from commodity trading. Offers of smaller quantities of the soybean at the beginning of the week did not meet with a response on a demand side. However, there was some demand at the end of the week at 549,69 €/t and 553,95 €/t, but contracts were not concluded due to the higher price levels of the offer from 562,47 €/t to 566,73 €/t. In February 2022, there was also a weak interest for soybeans. Current price level is lower for 17,3% compared to the last year, when at the end of the month soybeans traded at the price of 664,74 €/t.

The larger offer of mineral fertilizers continues during this week. UREA, AN and KAN were offered on a lower price level compared to the previous period. The offers for AN and KAN did not result in the conclusion of a contract. AN was offered during this week on the price from 561,00 €/t to 576,00 €/t. UREA was traded at a price of 515 €/t at FCA parity, while for CPT buyer parity the contract was concluded at a price of 518,00 €/t. Further offers for jambo bags packing ranged in price from 515,00 €/t to 520 €/t, while the 25/1 package was offered at 540,00 €/t.

After a long time, there was a trading with the feed barley. Contracts for this commodity were concluded at a price of 251,41 €/t.

Sunflower meal was not traded this week due to weaker customer interests. The offer was in the price range from 325,55 €/t to 328,96 €/t.

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