Members, traders and relevant persons of the Exchange are obliged to operate and trade at  the Exchange by following “good business practices” as well as ethical standards held by the Exchange. They must at all times behave in a manner that will not damage the reputation of the Commodity Exchange.

The market material traded at the Exchange is goods and non-standardized forward contracts.

Goods are any product that can be physically delivered, including agricultural products, metals and their ores, and alloys and energy sources.

A forward contract is a non-standardized contract for the sale of certain goods at a predetermined price, and the delivery of goods and final payment is made on a certain day in the future.

Foreign currency, effective foreign currency, precious metals and electricity cannot be traded on the Commodity Exchange.

The market material traded on the Commodity Exchange is on the Listing, which the Commodity Exchange publishes through its website.

Only Members can trade on the Commodity Exchange, through their appointed traders or “Brokers”, who then represent them and trade on Commodity Exchange in their name and on behalf of the participating Member.

In the phase of continuous trading, the information system used by the Exchange continuously checks compliance with the relevant criteria (types of goods, prices, quantities, all or nothing, quality of goods, parity, delivery date) in sales and purchase orders from previously listed but unrealized orders, as well as newly issued trading orders. Once complete and all conditions are met,  the transaction is completed.

In the case of order pairing, a Transaction is automatically formed, which also represents an invoice for the performed exchange service. After the conclusion is formed, it is sent to the Traders, and the Selling  and Buying parties who, by receiving the Transaction notice, are informed who the other party is. By sending the Transaction, it is considered that the deal is concluded and its commercial realization follows. Transactions must contain an accurate description of the underlying commodities, including the quantity, quality and location of the commodities.

The price for the concluded transaction is defined in Serbian dinars per unit of measure (i.e. kilos, tonnes, litres, or cubic meter m3). Transport costs to the place of delivery according to the definitions from  Incoterms 2020, are included in the price.

Data on transactions concluded during the exchange meeting will be close to real-time, and no later than the end of the business hours of that trading day, and will be published in the Commodity Exchange system and on the Commodity Exchange website.

The parties to a transaction concluded through the Commodity Exchange may not submit any claim for compensation for any type of damage or compensation based on non-fulfilment of obligations of sellers or buyers provided by the Transaction formed as a result of transactions published on the Commodity Exchange. The exchange’s liability in connection with the delivery of commodities is limited to mediation in resolving disputes between the contracting parties and the application of the rules of the Commodity Exchange relating to quotation and trading.

After matching the order, if the amount of undetermined funds of the buyer, in the sum with the Guarantee Funds determined for the buyer order based on which transaction was concluded, corresponds to the amount of the price, those funds are determined to pay the price in the  specific transaction.