How to Trade

The Commodity Exchange as an institution with decades of organizing the commodity exchange market, offers the possibility of trading on the spot, forward and block market. To trade on the commodity exchange market, you need to first become a member of Produktna berza, by signing a Membership Contract and paying a membership fee.

How to trade

The members of the Commodity Exchange can issue their demand or supply of a commodity with the help of a broker, giving them an electronic or telephone order or by entering it directly via the online trading platform. At Produktna berza, you can trade the commodities on the Listing, every working day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Produktna berza allows its members to trade on the innovative e-NSCOMEX trading platform. Through this platform, members can independently trade or pair order, as well as follow the trading that takes place through the Commodity Exchange.

Electronic Pairing of Quoted Limit Purchase/Sale Orders

After the member creates an order on the trading platform (independently or with the help of a broker), the broker performs a formal verification of the order, where all elements should be in accordance with the Rulebook of Produktna berza. The Commodity Exchange controller automatically receives the notification of the received order and verifies it.

Supply and demand orders are matched according to the price priority, and if there are several orders, where the prices are the same, preference is given to the previously quoted order. If the orders are with different prices, the transaction is concluded with the order that has a more favorable price per buyer. When the orders are matched, a trade conclusion is automatically formed on the trading platform, which is considered to be a Commodity Exchange transaction.