The first commodity exchange was founded in Novi Sad on March 5, 1921, under the name Novosadska Produktna Berza, where the founders were the most prominent Serbian traders and industrialists. The goal of establishing the commodity exchange was to improve and facilitate trade regulation. The Commodity Exchange saw a variety of commodities, especially agricultural commodities traded. The commodity exchange functioned in this form until 1941.

After 17 years of non-activity, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia expressed the need for the existence of a commodity exchange. In December 1958, in the premises of today’s Matica Srpska, by a decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Produktna berza was established with its headquarters in Novi Sad. This remains its place of operation right up until today.

In this way, Produktna berza has remained in place for more than 55 years. Organizing the Commodity Exchange meetings and informing the public about exchange transactions and prices of agricultural products continues.  

As a company with a long tradition in trading, today, the Commodity Exchange is in the first phase of the business modernization process. We strive to harmonize our business with the business of world commodity exchanges and raise a commodity exchange in Serbia to a completely new level. Innovative business changes and the creation of a completely new online trading platform are just one step in that direction.

Produktna berza was newly located at Bulevar oslobođenja no. 5, Novi Sad and operates as a mandated company for commodity brokerage and market information.