#4 (30.01-03.02.2023.)

Trading on the Commodity Exchange recorded a weaker activity of participants. The prices of all primary agricultural products continued the negative trend from the previous week. In total, only 1,098 tons of goods were traded. The financial value of turnover is the lowest since the beginning of the year and reaches € 345,455.00 without VAT, which is a drop of 59.2%.

Corn was the most represented in commodity exchange trading in the past week. Contracts were realized from 255.71 to 259.97 €/t without VAT. The weighted price is 259.37 €/t without VAT, which is a decrease of 3.6%. The offer of larger quantities has not been recorded in this market, while on the other hand, buyers are cautious in anticipation of further price movements. The structure of customers includes domestic processors and traders and regional exporters.

Unlike the previous period, when larger quantities of wheat were traded, the market calmed down, and only 100 tons of this grain were traded. Wheat with a minimum of 12% protein was traded at a price of 272.75 €/t without VAT, which is also the weekly weight. Compared to a week earlier, the price recorded a drop of 3.7%. There is still a higher supply in the market, but demand was almost absent during the week.

There is no trading in the soybean market this week. Buyers have not expressed their interest in buying since the beginning of the week, which has affected the lower level of activity in the soybean market. The offer was also weak and ranged from 568.52 to 571.08 €/t without VAT, but there was no response from buyers. Unlike the previous period when both the demand and the supply of imported soybeans increased, this week there were no inquiries.

Sunflower meal with 33% protein was traded from 311.11 to 313.67 €/t without VAT. There is a noticeable tendency of price growth, despite the reduced activity on this market compared to seven days earlier. The weighted price is 312.39 €/t without VAT, which is an increase of 2.8%.

UREA, package 500/1, was traded at a price of 637.13 €/t without VAT. Compared to the previous week, the price of this fertilizer shows a negative trend, and the concluded price is lower by 2%.

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