2022 #45 (14.11.-18.11.)

Price fall has continued during this week. The turnover was lower than the previous week, at 3.525 tons of commodities, representing a drop of 11,2%. The financial value reached 1.407.896,22 €, i.e., less by 4% than last week. On the international market, there were no significant movements, and correlated to that the contract about the food corridor from Ukraine has continued.

Corn marked a bearish price trend at Produktna berza. The price ranged from 289,87 to 298,39 €/t. Share in the trade of this commodity was significantly below the average for this time of the year. The weekly weighted price was 295,58 €/t, which represents a 1,92% lower price compared to the previous week.

Wheat was the most traded commodity. The price was in the range of 323,97 to 328,23 €/t, depending on quality and parity. On the weekly basis, the price was lower by 2,71% and the weighted price was 326,44 €/t.

All contracts for soybean were concluded at the same price. This oilseed has continued a downward trend with a weekly fall of 4,05%. The weekly price was 605,31 €/t. Although the drought lowered this year’s crop; the record world yields, lower soybean prices in the region as well as poorer quality of the domestic grain, along with the retrovegetation of soybean in certain areas, further complicated the situation on the domestic market and contributed to the drop in the price of this oilseed. All of this indicates that the next soybean season will suffer the biggest drop in the area.

Feed barley with a specific mass of 60kg was traded at 300,95 €/t.

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