2022 #43 (31.10.-04.11.)

And while grain prices fluctuated on foreign markets due to Russia’s withdrawal from the agreement on the food corridor, in the middle of the week Russia’s return to the agreement on Ukrainian grain led to a noticeable drop in prices on foreign commodity exchanges. In addition to the geopolitical situation, weather conditions are still the main driving force on world markets. On the domestic market, this week there is a lower volume of trading compared to the previous period. A total of 4.145 tons were traded, the financial value of which reached 1.647.383,90 €.

On the corn market, the beginning of the week brought more activity and supply. However, from the middle of the week, the market calmed down and a downward price trend occurred. Artificially dried corn was traded from 299,23 to 309,60 €/t, depending on the aflatoxin analysis. There is still a larger supply of corn with increased moisture up to 16%, which was traded at 289,85 €/t. Compared to the previous week, a price drop of 0,39% was recorded. The weighted price is 301,36 €/t.

Less activity is noticeable on the wheat market. As in the previous week, in the beginning, there was a higher demand compared to the supply, but by the end of the week, the interest of buyers would wane. Most inquiries were for wheat with a minimum of 11,5-12% protein. The contracts were concluded in the price range from 336,74 to 341,00 €/t. At the end of the week, wheat was absent from trading at Produktna berza. The weighted price is 339,98 €/t, which is a decrease of 1,01% compared to the week before.

On the soybean market, there is a larger supply of the old crop, which led to the realization of the contracts in the price range of 682,00 to 686,26 €/t, with the calculation of quality. Buyer interest was very low throughout the week, with a complete withdrawal at the end of the week. The new crop of soybeans was missing from trading, and the supply was at a lower price level, from 647,90 to 656,42 €/t, with the calculation of quality.

Of the other commodities, feed barley was traded at a price of 294,96 €/t. The contract for sunflower was concluded at 575,44 €/t, at the parity FCA, while at the port parity the contract was concluded at 579,70 €/t. The contract for NPK, 16:16:16, CPT buyer, was concluded at 828,54 €/t.

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