2022 #42 (24.10.-28.10.)

In the last week of October, the prices of primary agricultural products had a positive trend. There is a lower demand than supply on the commodity market. A total of 54.806 tons were traded through Produktna berza, while the financial value reached 21.052.246,65 €/t.

Activity on the corn market was higher in the middle of the week, while at the very beginning both buyers and sellers were restrained. Buyers were mostly traders, while the interest of exporters was absent this week. Corn was traded from 298,35 to 305,17 €/t. The weighted price for this week is 302,52 €/t, which is an increase of 0,96%. Contracts for corn with a higher percentage of moisture were realized from 288,12 to 300,90 €/t.

The beginning of the week brought reduced supply compared to demand on the wheat market. However, by the end of the week, greater activity of sellers was recorded. Wheat with a protein of 11,5-12% was offered the most, but there was also a supply of wheat with a higher protein content. Wheat was traded from 341,82 to 345,23 €/t, depending on the quality. The weekly weighted price was 343,44 €/t, which is an increase of 0,57% compared to previous data.

Weaker demand was recorded in the soybean market. Greater activity on the supply side compared to the previous week did not result in trading in larger volumes. At the beginning of the week, soybeans were traded in the price range of 664,89 to 671,70 €/t. The lower interest of buyers in this oilseed affected the negative price movement at the very end of the week when the contract was concluded at a price of 660,62 €/t. The weighted price was 666,76 €/t, which statistically represents a growth of 0,15% compared to the week before.

Feed barley with a specific mass of 62kg was traded at a price of 294,08 €/t, while barley with a smaller specific mass was traded in a price range of 289,82 to 291,53 €/t. At the end of the week, there is an increased demand for this commodity.

The contract for mineral fertilizer NPK, 15:15:15, on the parity FCA, was concluded at 802,29 €/t, while on the parity CPT, it was traded at 802,38 €/t.

The Republican Directorate for Commodity Reserves continued during this week the purchase of mercantile wheat at a price of 349,49 €/t. So far, a total of 64.100 tons have been purchased.

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