2022 #40 (10.10.-14.10.)

Compared with the two previous weeks, when the lower activity was noted, this week the turnover was higher by 170%. The cereal market has had a positive price trend, while soybean was stable. During this week were traded 5.300 tons, in which most share had corn. Total financial value was higher by 128,6% than the previous week and reached 1.836.562,64 €.

The greatest interest was recorded in the corn market. This cereal took precedence in trading with a total of 3,525 tons traded. Corn with a moisture content of up to 14.5% was the most requested, and the contracts were concluded in the price range from 289,83 to 296,65 €/t. However, the supply of dry corn is still quite small, while an increased supply of corn with higher moisture content is recorded. Corn with an increased percentage of moisture up to 16% was traded from 281,30 to 286,42 €/t. The weekly weighted price is 295,79 €/t, which represents a price increase of 0.71% compared to the week before. The old corn crop was traded at 300,06 €/t.

When it comes to wheat, increased interest in wheat with a minimum of 12% protein has been expressed since the middle of the week. The contracts were realized at 336,71 €/t. At the end of the week, wheat with a higher protein content was traded at 340,97 €/t. Weaker supply and increased demand moved the price in a positive direction. This week, the weighted price was 338,16 €/t, which is an increase of 1.64%.

The price level of soybean was stable during the week. There is still a price spread between buyers and sellers on this market, which leads to reduced activity and lower trading volume. Soybean 2022 was traded at a price level of 664,90 €/t, which is also the price weight. If we compare with the same period of the previous year, soybean is currently traded in a smaller volume and at a lower price level by 2,50%.

Regarding fertilizers, the contract was concluded at 820,00 €/t for NPK 16:16:16. On the market, there is no shortage of nitrogen fertilizers and NPK formulations, but the demand is almost non-existent. Although it is the sowing period for wheat, when it is logical to buy larger quantities of fertilizers, this year there is no trading on a larger scale.

Sunflower meal, 33% protein, was traded at 277,04 €/t. At the end of the week, supply was at a higher price level, but interest in buying was missing. Soybean meal was offered at 686,21 €/t.


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