2022 #26 (04.07.-08.07.)

Compared to the previous week, when a large volume of commodities was traded, this week the market was calm again. The reason for this can be found at the beginning of the purchase of mercantile wheat by the Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves. Only corn has recorded an increase in price, while the prices of other primary agricultural products were on the decline. A total of 2.275 tons of commodities were traded, while financial value reached 842.603,90 €.

Demand in the corn market was extremely low this week. Even with decreased demand, this cereal was the most traded commodity. Since the beginning of the week, supply has been on a higher price level compared to demand. Corn was traded at 264,08 €/t at the beginning of the week and due to small demand, the contract for this cereal was realized at 259,82 €/t. Although a drop in price was recorded during the week, statistically speaking, compared to the previous week, the price of this cereal recorded an increase of 2,00%. The weighted price for this week was 262,63 €/t.

During the week, the wheat market was calm. Offered quantities were very small, while demand was on the lower price levels constantly. At the end of the week, one contract was realized at 293,90 €/t. This price was also the weighted price. In comparison with the previous week, more wheat was traded in quantity, but the price was lower by 1,90%. Participants at this market were focused on applications for the purchase of wheat by the Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves in the total amount of 131.000 tons.

At the beginning of the week, the soybean price was stable, as in the previous week when the contract was concluded at 583,54 €/t, with quality calculation. Lower activity in this market, low supply, and insufficient interest in buying this oilseed have led to a price fall of 0,73%. At the end of the week, the demand was at a lower level than supply and the contract was realized at 579,28 €/t. The weighted price was 581,41 €/t.

Rapeseed crop 2022 was traded at 640,00 €/t. During the week, buyers and sellers were on different price levels and supply was at a higher level than realized one, at the end of the week. Compared to the previous week, demand was lower.


Anja Jakšić, Produktna berza

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