2022 #15 (18.04.-21.04.)

The most important news from the Commodity Exchange last week is the introduction of quotas for the export of wheat, corn, flour and refined sunflower oil, which will be applied from the beginning of May and will be valid on a monthly basis. The shortened workweek between the two Easter holidays brought an increase in the prices of primary agricultural products. The total turnover for this week is 6,280 tons, whose financial value is 2,079,050.00 €.

The price of corn ranged from 274,50 to 276,20 €/t, for goods with moisture up to 16%, while standard quality corn was traded in the price range from 280,45 to 286,40 €/t, depending on parity and pick-up speed. One can certainly speak of a clear upward price trend for this cereal. The weighted price was 283,60 €/t, which is a 1.11% increase compared to the previous week.

In wheat, the growth in demand was even more pronounced. At the beginning of the week, the concluded price ranged from 301,70 €/t, to 322,94 €/t at the very end of the week. The weighted price for this week is 306,63 €/t, which is an increase of 0.40% compared to the previous comparative data.

Soybeans were traded at a price of 711,75 €/t, which is this week’s weighted price. Compared to the previous comparative data, this oilseed has risen in price by 0.81%. At the end of the week, the demand at the price of 713,87 €/t did not lead to the conclusion of a contract due to the restraint of the sellers.

Of the other goods, the mineral fertilizer NPK 15:15:15 was sold at the price of 822,49 €/t.

Field data show that soybeans and sunflowers will be more represented in the structure of spring sowing this year, while sowing of corn is expected in smaller areas.


Verica Popov, broker

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