2022 #10 (14.03.-18.03.)

During the last week at Produktna berza, decreased activity was noticed. The biggest price fall was noted at corn, while soybean had an upward trend. Total turnover was 1.775 tons, while financial value was 796.777,35 €.

After the Decree of the temporary export ban which was published last week, on the corn market, no were important changes. One contract was concluded at a price level of 263,44 €/t, which represents the weighted price for this week. Only 50 tons were traded. It is important to highlight that intensive demand for this cereal is still missing, while the exporters were not active on a commodity exchange market. The next movements on the domestic market will depend on the Government’s next decisions.

Unlike corn, the wheat market at the beginning of the week was more active. That confirms the realization at a price of 301,68 €/t. The wheat with a minimum 12% protein was traded. During the week, the intensity of demand decreased, and the contract was concluded at a price of 293,18 €/t, at CPT parity. This scenario is not unexpected, given the continuation of the export ban, which led to reduced demand at the end of the week, and thus a drop in a price of 0,12%.

On the soybean market, augmented demand led to a price rise. Like in the previous period, the restraint of the seller was noticeable. The supply of larger quantities still is missing. At the beginning of the week, the commodity exchange trading was at a price level of 665,40 €/t. At the end of the week, the realization was at a price range from 673,90 to 679,85 €/t. The weighted price was 672,88 €/t. Compared with the previous week, there was an upward trend of 2,56%.

Contracts for sunflower meal, 33% protein, were concluded from 348,42 to 382,41 €/t, with delivery in April. The weighted price was 368,82 €/t. Compared with the last data, there was noticed an upward trend of 15,35%. During Friday, the supply was bigger than demand, which implicates the possible price fall.

Russian AN, package 600/1 was traded at 872,45 €/t. The contract for Russian UREA was concluded at 927,61 €/t.


Verica Popov, broker

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