2021 #50 (20.12. – 23.12.)

As the end of the year approached, the activity of commodity exchange participants was decreasing. The total turnover of this week amounted to 3.380 tons, while financial value amounted to 1.709.678,31 €.

Corn was dominant in trading with a total turnover of 2.350 tons. Regardless of this circumstance, the reduced activity of commodity exchange participants was noticed. Contracts at parity CPT port with delivery until the end of February were concluded at a price of 216,90 €/t, while at parity FCA, they were realized from 214,35 to 216,90 €/t, with the free stock until the end of May. At the end of the week, supply was at a lower price level than realized and demand did not respond.

The downward soybean trend has continued over the past week. The contracts were concluded at a single price of 608,17 €/t, which is also the weighted price. It was traded exclusively with quality calculation. Compared to the previous week, the price changes on average -1,87%. At the end of the week, the interest in buying this oilseed by domestic processors and traders increased. Demand at the price level from 612,42 to 614,12 €/t did not result in the contract conclusion due to lack of supply.

After a sharp drop in prices in the past period, wheat recorded a correction. The realization of the contract ranged from 259,43 to 261,98 €/t, with delivery during January. The reduced supply of this cereal is noticeable. Apart from the domestic one, the growth of prices was recorded on the European and American markets due to unfavorable weather conditions in South America. This trend was also observed in the Black Sea basin, following other markets, while export activity slowed down slightly at the end of the year. In Russia, uncertainty over export quotas remains. Millers in Ukraine are asking for a restriction on exports in the second part of the season, while the association of grain producers is against it.

Russian UREA, package 500/1 was traded at 880,00 €/t while UREA package 25/1 was traded at 893,00 €/t.


Verica Popov, broker

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