2021 #34 (30.08.-03.09.)

In the first week of September, prices of all primary agricultural products increased. It was the most noticeable in soybean of as much as 11,62%. The total turnover amounted to 2.850 tons of commodities, which financial value amounted to 98.458,08 €.

Wheat was the most sought-after on the commodity market. As the price maximum since the beginning of the harvest from the previous week has moved the criteria and expectations of sellers, the lack of supply and increased demand has led to wheat having a bullish trend on the domestic market. The contracts were concluded in the price range from 187,90 to 195,63 €/t. The weighted price was 192,46 €/t, which is an increase of 3,07% compared to the previous comparative figure. We can state that the wheat price is again approaching the corn price. What is unusual is that wheat has been at a lower price level than corn for six months now.

For the second week in a row, corn recorded a positive price trend. At the beginning of the week, the registered price was 198,72€/t, while on the last day it was 202,59 €/t. The average trading price for this week was 199,88 €/t, which represents a growth of this cereal price of 2,74%. Forward demand for corn crop 2021 at the price of 181,71 €/t did not adequately respond to the offer that has been missing for a long time through Produktna berza.

There have been big changes in the soybean market. Contracts were concluded in the price range from 595,40 to 618,60 €/t. Demand for this oilseed is expressed by domestic processors and traders. The uncertainty of the quality and yield of the new crop, the absence of supply from last year’s crop are the factors that led to this oilseed growth of 11,62% compared to the last registered price. The weighted price was 612,80 €/t.

Weather conditions delayed the sunflower harvest. All sales contracts were concluded at a price of 473,00 €/t. Compared to the previous week, a slight increase of 0,23% was recorded.


Verica Popov, broker

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