2021 #03 (25.01.-29.01.)

At the very end of the week, corn and wheat record prices from 2013. were registered on Produktna berza. After the strong price increase of corn and soybean since the beginning of the year, this week the marked calmed down, and at the very end of the week, the prices of these cereals climbed to the maximum this season. Although the turnover was lower compared to previous week, it is still at an extremely high level for this time of the year. The total turnover amounted to 4.747t (-39,9%), which financial value amounted to 1.119.500,93€ (-59,41%).

Corn was quantitatively the most dominant culture in trading with a turnover of 3.375t. At the beginning of the week, the prices dropped, but at the end of the week, they experienced a recovery, rising to the level of 187,12€/t, which is the highest price since May 2013. Trading took place in the range from 178,62 to mentioned 187,12 €/t, while commodities with clause CPT port were paid from 191,37 €/t. The weighted price was 184,74€/t. Statistically, corn recorded a decrease of 0,57% compared to the previous week.

Wheat has recorded the maximum price at the very end of the week, when is traded at 208,39€/t, which is the highest price since March 2013. Wheat with minimum 13% protein, this week was traded at price range from 199,88 to 208,39€/t, while the weighted price was 200,56€/t. Unlike corn and soybean, wheat recorded a positive price trend of 2,51%.

This week, soybean recorded decrease. Soybean was traded at price range from 493,32 to 501,83€/t. The weighted price was 496,47€/t. Compared with the last week, the price was lower 1,82%.

Feed barley was traded at the unique price of 174,36€/t.

Feed flour (package 30/1) was realized at 155,65€/t.

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