2020 #51 (14.12.–18.12.)

Corn and soybean prices increase marked last week on Produktna berza. The end of the year gives a reduced operator’s activity on the market. Total turnover for this week was 1.248t, which financial value amounted 343.553,87€.

After a couple of weeks of continued decrease, this week marked price correction on the corn market, due to low supply. Contract with clause free stock until 31st of January closed at the price of 159,90€/t, which is the weighted price this week. In comparison with last comparing data, the price is higher 3,30%. Although the statistical data shows the bullish trend for this cereal, it is important to note that the export demand is still small.

On the international market, oilseeds prices have increased, so soybean and rapeseed prices are on their multi-year high, caused higher crusher activity, lower supply and fears about the next soybean crop in Brazil. Soybean marks positive trends in the domestic market, fuelled by events in the international market. Contracts were closed in a very wide price range between 425,27 and 438,03€/t. In comparison with previous data, this oilseed price is higher 1,03%.

Wheat is absent from trading due to lower supply. Wheat demand at the price range of 176,06€/t on Vojvodina parity and 182,87€/t CPT port did not result in contract closure.  The wheat upward trend worldwide was impacted by good export demand, reduced ending stocks estimation and implementation of Russian taxes on wheat export.

Barley crop 2020. traded at price 159,90€/t.

In order that the dollar is weak in comparison with most currencies, we should follow the next events on the market.

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