2022 #44 (07.11.-10.11.)

In the shortened working week on the commodities market, a negative price trend was recorded both on the grain market and on the oilseeds market. The beginning of the week brought reduced demand and higher supply in all markets. In foreign markets, prices fell after the publication of the USDA report, which reflected the restraint of buyers on the domestic market. A total of 3.970 tons of commodities were traded through Produktna berza, which a financial value reaching 1.466.146,65 €. Compared to the previous week, the turnover is lower by 4,2%.

The corn market has noted a lower activity than the previous week. Corn with higher moisture was mostly traded and contracts were concluded from 289,86 to 296,68 €/t. At the beginning of the week, the contract for corn with delivery until the end of February was concluded at 307,76 €/t. As the week progressed, the demand in this market became less and less. Supply of artificial dried corn in the price range from 298,38 to 306,91 €/t did not find their buyer.

Market participants were most active when it came to wheat. This cereal was the most traded in previous days. Since the beginning of the week, there has been a higher supply than demand. Although wheat with a protein of 11,5-12% was the most current one, there was a supply of wheat with a higher protein content. On the demand side, most inquiries were for wheat with a protein of 11,5-12%. This cereal was traded in the price range from 334,19 to 336,75 €/t. The weekly weighted price is 335,47 €/t, which is a decrease of 1,33% compared to the previous week.

A negative price trend was recorded on the soybean market. Since the beginning of the week, there has been noticeably less interest from both buyers and sellers. The price of this oilseed is at its lowest level since July. If we compare with the previous year in this period, there was also a negative price trend. In 2022, soybeans were traded at 630,87 €/t, with the quality calculation, which is also the weighted price. Compared to the previous comparative data, the price is lower by 5,40%.

The contract for feed barley, SRPS quality, was concluded at 297,53 €/t.

This week, a larger supply of fertilizers was also recorded. Although the offer was increased, only one contract was concluded for Russian urea, 600/1, at 810,00 €/t.

Sunflower meal, 33% protein, was traded at 300,09 €/t.

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