2022 #35 (05.09.-09.09.)

There is still less activity of participants in the commodities market. Compared to the previous week, higher volume and financial turnover was recorded. The first contract for soybean 2022 was concluded. In total, 1.977 tons of goods were traded, whose financial value reached 849.086,88 €.

The corn market recorded more activity compared to the previous week. Corn crop 2021 was traded in the price range from 288,11 to 292,37 €/t. The weighted price for this week is 291,86 €/t, which is an increase of 0,62%. The demand for corn 2021 was low, in anticipation of the supplies of the new crop. Corn 2022 is missing in trading due to the price spread of buyers and sellers, as well as weaker supply.

Unlike the previous week, when wheat was the most traded, this week only 25 tons were traded. Supply at higher price levels, and on the other hand, demand at lower prices did not result in the trading of larger quantities. The contract for wheat was concluded at 306,86 €/t, which is also the weighted price for this week. If we compare with the previous week, it is a minimal growth of 0,02%.

The negative price trend continued on the soybean market. Soybean with quality calculation was traded from 694,70 to 695,55 €/t, while soybean without quality calculation was traded at 698,96 €/t. At the beginning of the week there was a noticeable lower supply, but at the end of the week there was less interest from buyers in buying this oilseed and an increased supply. The weighted price was 695,12 €/t, which is a decrease of 0,12%. The first contract for soybean crop 2022 was concluded at the end of the week at a price of 686,17 €/t.

Fertilizer NPK 15:15:15, Russian, 25/1, CPT buyer, was traded at a price of 792,57 €/t.

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