2022 #27 (11.-15.07.)

At Produktna berza, this week, an increase in the prices of all primary agricultural products was recorded. As during the previous weeks, corn was the most traded commodity. A total of 5.950 tons of commodities were traded with a financial value of 1.818.929,96 €.

Increased activity in the corn market has been present since the beginning of the week. As the days went by, the demand grew. At the end of the week, realizations of larger quantities of this cereal were recorded. At the beginning of the week, contracts were concluded from 262,39 €/t, while due to growth, the price reached the level of 272,61 €/t. The weighted price was 270,48 €/t, which is an increase of 2,96%.

During this week on the wheat market, the focus was again on the purchase of the Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves. About 93.000 tons of this cereal have been offered so far. Although the harvest is nearing the end, there was no realization of a larger volume, due to the lack of supply. The demand was constantly at a lower price level compared to the supply. Wheat with 14% protein was traded at 306,69 €/t, which represents the weighted price. Compared to the previous week, the price increased by 4,35%. At the CPT parity, the contract was concluded at 297,32 €/t, for wheat with 11% protein.

Soybean started the week very calmly, and there was no expressed interest either in buying or selling this oilseed. From the middle of the week, there was more activity and the price has grown. Soybean was traded at 604,86 €/t, with quality calculation, which represents an increase of 4,03%, compared to the previous week. At the end of the week, there was lower interest in buying and soybean was absent from trading.

Feed barley was traded in the price range from 262,39 to 264,09 €/t. Compared to the previous week, the price of this crop recorded a drop of 4,82%.

Rapeseed was absent from trading in the week behind us. The increased supply of this oilseed was in the price range from 630,00 to 640,00 €/t, however, there were no inquiries on the demand side.


Anja Jakšić, Produktna berza

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