2022 #25 (27.06.-01.07.)

The last week on Produktna berza was marked by price fall for all primary agricultural products. A higher dynamic in the commodity exchange market has led to an augmented turnover. Corn and rapeseed were the most traded commodities. Total turnover for this week was 10.490 tons, while financial value was 4.424.100,60 €.

Although the beginning of the week indicated reduced activity, the corn market was increasingly active as the week progressed. At the beginning of the week, corn was traded at a price of 255,56 €/t, but due to the greater interest of buyers, the price increased, and at the end of the week corn was traded at 264,07 €/t, which statistically represents a drop of 5,04%.

A quiet week on the wheat market. At the beginning of the week, the contract for wheat crop 2022 was realized at 319,45 €/t. The supply was at a higher price level compared to the demand, so there was no trading in large quantities. At the end of the week, wheat was traded at a price of 289,63 €/t. The old crop trading was absent. The weighted price for wheat crop 2022 was 299,60 €/t, which is a price drop of 7,46%.

Due to lower demand for soybeans, the price of this oilseed shows a negative price trend. On the other hand, there was not much interest on the supply side either. Soybean with quality calculation was traded in the price range from 583,52 to 587,78 €/t. The weighted price was 585,65 €/t. Compared to the previous week, the price is lower by 5,28%.

On the rapeseed market, increased demand was noticeable throughout the week. Contracts were concluded in the price range from 660,00 to 680,00 €/t, at FCA parity, while at CPT parity it was traded in a wide price range from 610,00 to 680,00 €/t. The weighted price for this week was 673,05 €/t, which is a decrease of 7,17% compared to the previous week.


Anja Jakšić, Produktna berza

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