2022 #17 (04.05.-06.05.)

This week on Produktna berza was marked by a new price high in wheat, a stable price level in corn and a price decrease in soybean. Total turnover was 3.048 tons, while financial value amounted to 1.379.823,65 €.

Wheat demand led to a price increase and a new high, on the first day. At the extraordinary session of the Government, on 30th April, a decision was made to increase the May quota for wheat from 150.000 tons to 211.458 tons, and the quota for wheat flour to 22.340 tons, which influenced the domestic market to be more active. Unlike the previous period where the structure of buyers consisted mainly of domestic processors and traders, exporters also showed interest in buying this grain. Depending on the quality parameters, contracts were concluded in the price range from 335,79 to 340,04 €/t. The weighted price was 337,75 €/t. Compared to the data from the previous week, wheat recorded an upward trend of 3,83%. On the last day of this working week, the market was calmer, and the supplies at price level from 335,79 to 344,29 €/t did not result in a contract conclusion.

On the corn market, there has not been a lot of change compared to the week before. All contracts were realized at 289,04 €/t, which is also the weighted price. The price changed by +0,27%. Apart from domestic processors and traders, the buyers were exporters, which led to a more active market.

After the continued price rise, soybean had a price correction. The FCA parity contracts were concluded from 714,09 to 712,39 €/t, with a clear downward trend. At parity CPT, this commodity was traded at 718,34 €/t. This price trend was also recorded at the beginning of May of the previous year when this oilseed reached a historical price maximum (726,84 €/t). After that, prices were dropped and a complete absence of demand. It remains for us to follow further price movements, considering that in the same period as in the previous year we have a similar price trend. At the very end of the week, it brings a larger supply, while passivity was present on the demand side. The weighted price was 713,24 €/t, which is a decrease of 0,11% compared to the previous week.

Russian urea, 500/1, was traded at 797,63 €/t.


Verica Popov, broker

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