2022 #16 (25.04. – 29.04.)

On the commodity market, the prices maintained a high price level and tended to grow with wheat being the most bullish trend at 6,08%. Wheat recorded new price highs, while corn repeated the same price from March, the period just before the decision to ban export was made. The most important news from Produktna berza is the contract realization for the wheat crop 2022. The total turnover was 4.865 tons, while financial value amounted to 1.958.840,00 €.

At the beginning of the week, there was passivity on the wheat market. Supplies at the price level from 314,42 to 322,92 €/t did not result in the contract conclusion. However, the very end of the week brought more intensive demand, which resulted in a price rise. Contracts for the wheat crop 2021 were concluded from 324,62 to 327,17 €/t, for prompt delivery. Domestic processors were the main buyers. The weighted price for this week was 325,21 €/t, which is an increase of 6,08%. The harvest of the new crop is expected at the end of June, and the interest in buying this grain is increasing. The forward contract for wheat crop 2022, at parity FCA and delivery in July was realized at the price level of 318,67 €/t.

The corn market has been turbulent over the past week. As with wheat, the first working day brought passivity and in the middle of the week, increased demand led to an increase in prices. Contracts were concluded in the price range from 285,53 to 288,93 €/t, with the delivery of commodities during May. Corn with increased moisture was traded from 277,03 to 280,43€/t. The weighted price was 288,16 €/t, which is a change of +1,62%. Regardless of the fact that corn is statistically recording an increase in the price, the interest of exporters in buying this grain is almost non-existent and the supply is still higher than the demand. The Government’s decision to regulate exports with monthly quotas of 150.000 tons for corn instead of a temporary ban did not significantly affect the market. Of course, that is a small step forward, but it is not enough for the market to be as active as before the adoption of the ban measures in March.

The growing trend of soybean prices continued this week as well. Contracts at FCA parity were concluded at a price of 713,82 €/t. Compared to the data from the previous week, a slight increase of 0,29% was recorded. The very end of the week brings a complete absence of demand and the offered quantities at the realized price level did not result in the conclusion of a new contract.

Feed flour, 30/1, was traded at a price of 220,94 €/t.

Russian urea, 500/1, was traded at a price of 830,00 €/t.


Verica Popov, broker

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