2021 #47 (29.11.-03.12.)

In the first week of December, at Produktna berza, cereals prices decreased. Total turnover was 4.900 tons of commodities (+72,29%), while a financial value amounted to 1.555.184,64 € (+44,49%).

After the continued price rise in the previous period, wheat marked a bearish trend. Among this situation, wheat was the most traded commodity with a total amount of 4.050 tons. The contracts were realized from 272,16 to 280,66 €/t. The weighted price was 276,24 €/t, which is a decrease of 1,25%. Among the domestic market, this price trend was noticed in international markets.

In the corn market, the activity of the commodity exchange participants was diminished. The price on the domestic market was not acceptable for buyers at FOB, which had an impact on demand. The supply, depending on delivery, was in the price range from 221,13 to 229,63 €/t, which indicates a possible price fall. Corn with higher moisture, at a parity CPT, was traded at a price of 223,68 €/t.

At the beginning of the week, the soybean supply was absent. Intensive demand had an impact on the upward trend of this oilseed. The contracts were concluded at a single price of 633,62 €/t, which is at the same time the weighted price. Domestic processors and traders were dominant buyers. However, at the end of the week, the market calmed down. The supply at a lower price level did not result in a contract conclusion. Statistically, compared to the previous period, the price was higher by 1,02%.

Feed barley was traded at a price of 240,69 €/t.


Verica Popov, broker

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