2021 #37 (20.09.-24.09.)

The augmented activity of commodity exchange participants and rising prices of all cereals and oilseeds were current characteristics of the market scene of primary agricultural products in the past week. The total turnover amounted to 3.274 tons of goods, which financial value amounted to 1.175.265,61 €.

Due to bad weather conditions, soybean harvest is delayed. Low supply has brought to high price oscillation during the last week. Since the beginning of the harvest, this oilseed has started with continued growth, which is also marked at the same period last year. On the first day, a contract was concluded at the price of 603,85 €/t, while at the end of the week, the registered price was 637,87 €/t. The weighted price was 627,92 €/t, which represents an increase of 5,48% in comparison with previous data, and we can conclude that soybean is still at a high market position.

Unlike the previous week, where the supply of corn crop 2020 was missed on Produktna berza, this week has brought changes in the context of this cereal intensive supply. The bullish trend of +3,49% was marked, due to the higher demand from domestic processors and exporters. Contracts for both crops (2020 and 2021) were concluded at the same price range from 210,07 to 212,62 €/t with prompt delivery. In the next period we are expecting a more intensive corn harvest, and therefore a higher supply of crop 2021. The weighted price was 206,50 €/t. Statistically, when we compare this price with the same period last year (133,53 €/t), this cereal marked an increase of 58,00%.

In the middle of the week, there was an intensive demand on the wheat market by domestic processors, exporters and traders, which led to a positive price trend of 2,33%. This price trend was completely correlated with developments in the reference world and regional markets. Depending on the quality parameters and the clause “free stock”, contracts were concluded from 221,13 to 229,63 €/t. The average trading price in the last week was 224,53 €/t.

Sunflower harvest is almost done. Although the purchase is nearing the end, interest in the purchase is still present. Trading on the FCA parity was at the price level of 493,29 €/t, while this oilseed on the CPT parity was paid 501,79 €/t. Currently, sunflower price has an upward trend and we cannot predict in detail how it will move in the coming period. The price is growing both in our country and in the region and the world.


Verica Popov, broker

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