2021 #33 (23.08.-27.08.)

The first contracts for a sunflower new crop with prompt delivery and rising prices of primary agricultural products, marked a week behind us on the organized commodity exchange market. The total turnover amounted to 2.527 tons of commodities (-34,53%), which financial value amounted to 769.423,75€.

The biggest interest was in buying sunflowers. Weather conditions delayed the harvest of this oilseed. Based on information from the field, operating commodities are scarce due to delays in the seller’s supply. The first contracts for prompt delivery were concluded in the price range from 470,00 to 473,00 €/t. The weighted price was 471,90 €/t. In relation to the same period of the previous year, where the price of 301,96 €/t was registered on Produktna berza, we can state that an increase of 56,28% was recorded.

Last week, wheat was the most sought-after commodity, while this week the domestic market was much calmer. Depending on the parameters of quality and parity, contracts were concluded in the price range from 202,44 to 208,39 €/t. Despite the fact that this cereal was traded poorly, an upward trend of 1,42% was recorded in relation to the previous comparative data. The weighted price was 205,67 €/t.

Corn, like wheat, had a positive price trend. The weak supply of this cereal is noticeable, while demand was more intense day by day. At the beginning of the week, sales contracts at parity FCA were concluded at prices of 212,65 to 214,35 €/t, while corn on the CPT parity was traded in a very narrow price range from 216,05 to 216,90 €/t. On the last day, demand at a higher price level than realized did not result in the conclusion of the contract. The average trading price was 214,01 €/t, which is an increase of 1,20%.

Unlike the previous period when all market factors were the reason for the soybean market to be extremely passive and the price to fall, the situation in the past week has changed significantly in terms of more conspicuous demand for this oilseed and rising prices. Soybeans were traded at the price of 603,92 €/t. The lack of supply on the commodity exchange market has led to the fact that the demand from domestic processors and traders at the end of the week was at the price level of 612,42 €/t.

Feed barley was traded from 185,43 to 187,13 €/t, which represents a price increase of 1,94%.


Verica Popov, broker

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