2021 #27 (12.07.-16.07.)

Unusually weak turnover on Produktna berza in Novi Sad marked the past week. The reason, first of all, we see in the reduced activity of exporters on the commodity market, because the prices on the FOB are not acceptable due to the large price spread between buyers and sellers on the domestic market. The total turnover for this week amounted to 950 tons of commodities, which financial value amounted to 235.785,90€. Compared to the previous comparative period, the volume of turnover is lower by 84,71%, while the financial value of traded commodities is lower by 84,62%.

The export absence and weak demand from domestic processors resulted in a lack of corn demand. The contract was concluded at a single price of 219,46€/t, which is also this week’s weighted price. Compared to the previous period, a decrease of 0,47% was recorded. When we compare this cereal price with the price in the same period last year, the price is 50% higher. In the case of corn, what worries agricultural producers the most is the lack of participation, i.e., reduction of soil moisture reserves. Given all these circumstances, the fear of producers and experts that yield will be reduced and that this year will be very uncertain is justified.

Increased demand for the wheat new crop and supply at a higher level moved the price in a positive direction throughout the week. The contracts were concluded at a price level of 170,12€/t. When we compare this year’s crop and last year’s crop price in the same period, after the harvest, an increase of 8,11% was recorded.

Soybean is absent from trading on Produktna berza. The supply ranged from 625,21 to 629,46€/t, but the realization did not happen. Although the interest in buying by domestic processors and exporters has decreased in the last two months, we can say that this oilseed still has a high price level.

Feed barley, SRPS quality, was traded at a price of 167,57€/t.
Rapeseed had a positive price trend on the foreign market last week. Demand for this oilseed is far lower than in the previous period, which did not affect the price growth on the domestic market. One contract was realized at the parity CPT Bačka, at the price of 515,00€/t.

Verica Popov, broker

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