2021 #14 (12.04.-16.04.)

Augmented oilseeds and cereals demand has brought to increase and record prices of all agricultural products. Total turnover was 5.555t of commodities, which financial value was 1.993.551,72€.

During this week, soybean price volatility was extremely high. Weak supply led to high daily oscillations. From the beginning of the harvest, this oilseed price has started to grow constantly, which has led to record high prices that no one expected for this period of the year. Commodity exchange contracts were concluded from 646,49€/t at the beginning of the week, and at the end of the week, it reached the price of 680,51€/t which is the highest achieved soybean price ever recorded. The weighted price was 660,27€/t. Compared to the previous data, the price is higher by 8,72%.

Unlike the previous period, when corn was in low demand in the domestic market, this week brings changes in the form of strong demand and rising prices. This cereal basically follows the trends of world prices, so the upward trend in the corn price was influenced by export demand. FCA parity contracts with the delivery during May were realized at the price level from 197,35€/t to 199,90€/t, which is an increase of 0,72%. At the end of the week, demand for the parity CPT Danube ports, with the delivery of commodities during May at the price of 201,60€/t, did not result in the conclusion of the commodity exchange contract.

The wheat market was more active compared to the previous period. Commodity exchange contracts were concluded in a very narrow price range from 182,89€/t to 183,74€/t, which is an increase of 0,67%. Compared to the previous week, this cereal remained almost at the same price level. There are two months left until the harvest of the new wheat crop and the forward demand for the new crop was at the price level of 165,88€/t.

We have a new season ahead of us as far as sunflowers are concerned. April is the month for this oilseed sowing. The forward contract for sunflower crop 2021 in the amount of 1.000t was realized at a price of 415€/t in dinars on the day of delivery at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia, with delivery during September. Compared to the previous week, the price of this oilseed is higher by 1,22%.

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