2020 #52 (21.12–25.12)

Before the Christmas and New Year holidays, there was a reduced activity of trading operators, both in international and in the domestic market. Due to lower activity, positive price trends were recorded. This week, total turnover on Produktna berza amounted 1.750t, which financial value was 415.504,24€.

At the beginning of the week, corn has been at the same price range as the previous week. Contracts were closed at unique price 159,90€/t. At the end of the week, demand for this cereal was at the higher price than realized.

Due to events in international markets, above all in the wheat market in Russia (export duties for wheat), wheat had an upward trend. The price was between 175,21€/t and 178,62€/t, while feed wheat (min. specific mass 70kg) was traded at 166,71€/t. The weighted price was 177,85€ which is an increase of 1,82%.

Events with oilseeds in international markets have continued to dictate the price in the domestic market. Soybean was traded at a price range between 429,53€/t and 442,29€/t.  The weighted price was 435,14€. Compared to the last comparative period, the price was higher 1,35%.

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