#2 (16.-20.01.2023.)

The last week on Produktna berza was marked by the return of the supply of larger quantities to the market. Due to the holidays, the supply was smaller than at the beginning of the year. Cereals, statistically, recorded an increase in price, while soybeans maintained a stable price level. Although there was more activity on the market both on the supply side and on the demand side, the market calmed down at the end of the week. Total turnover was lower compared to seven days before. Totally 3.600 tons of commodities were traded, the financial value of which reached 1.178.066,69 €, which is a decrease of 3,50%.

The very beginning of the week brought restraint among participants in the corn market. Supply price levels were higher than demand. As the week progressed, the sellers’ interest in selling goods increased. The contracts were concluded in the price range from 276,90 to 285,42 €/t, and the buyers were domestic processors and regional exporters. Compared to the previous week, trading took place at a higher price level, and the price is higher by 1,06%. The weekly weighted price is 279,11 €/t. Corn with an increased percentage of moisture was traded at 261,56 €/t.

Like the corn market, the wheat market is also experiencing a supply of larger quantities. At the end of the week, a much higher supply than demand was noticeable. Although the interest of buyers was lower, the price of this cereal recorded a slight increase of 0,40% compared to the previous week. In terms of quantity, wheat was traded the most. The contracts were realized from 295,64 to 300,75 €/t, depending on the quality parameters. The most inquiries on the demand side were for wheat with 11,5-12% protein. The weighted price for this week is 297,09 €/t.

There are no significant changes in soybean compared to a week ago. In terms of price, soybeans maintained a stable level and were traded at a single price of 575,09 €/t, which is also the weighted price. Since the beginning of the week, there has been a higher demand compared to the supply. Buyer interest was constantly at a lower price level compared to the supply. The very end of the week brought almost no supply in this market.

Of the other goods, there is a trading of feed barley with a specific mass of 60 kg, at a price of 289,68 €/t.

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