Weekly Reports

2020 #50 (07.12.–11.12.)

Main agricultural products prices decrease marked last week on Produktna berza. The domestic market was calmed, which caused a turnover to decrease. Total turnover for this week was 1.150t, and the total financial value was 453.478,25€.

Corn, as the last week, has continued with the bearish trend. Lower export activity and logistical problems resulted in the price drop. Corn was traded at the unique price of 154,77€. Compared with last week, the price was lower for 4,21%.

The wheat price drop has enabled domestic wheat to be competitive in foreign markets. The high wheat price in the previous period was preventing placement in foreign markets. Exporters were quite interested in exporting to Italy. Wheat was traded at a price range between 170,07 and 176,88€. The weighted price was 174,58€ and in comparison, with the last comparing data, the price is lower 5,21%.

Soybean still was the most interesting commodity. The soybean price was in a tight price range between 420,93 and 425,18€. Weighted price was 424,93€, which represent a fall of 4,09% against last week.

2020 #49 (30.11. – 04.12.)

Last week, the prices recorded bearish trends on Produktna berza in Novi Sad. The trends were followed by lower trade volume, while the soybean was the most traded commodity again. The total turnover for this week amounted to 1.485t, which financial value amounted to 626.712,66€.

Logistical problems, the drop in the value of the dollar against the euro, as well as events on world commodity exchanges are the causes of the negative trend in the corn market. On the domestic market, contracts were closed at the unique price of 161,59€, which at the same time represent the weighted price for this week. Compared to last week, price is lower 2,46%.

The wheat supply at 178,60€ did not result in the closure of contracts on the commodity exchange market. The low activity of exporters in the wheat market and therefore the low demand for this grain continues.

At the beginning of the week, soybean had a positive trend, while at the end of the week it recorded a negative trend. Soybean was traded in the price range from 433,75 to 446,50. The weighted price amounted 441,66€, which is a decrease of 0,49% compared to the previous period.

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